We approach the management of wealth and investments with absolute delicacy and skill

Proven through performance, Finesque was born out of a desire to be different. To provide our global clientele with unbounded access to exclusive investment opportunities and advice in wealth. Our approach is personalised yet professional - providing investors with a family office approach to financial infrastructure and management, backed by global experience and proven expertise.

We understand our clients on another level. As their indispensable and professional investment partner, we work in alignment with their greatest goals in the creation, management and amplification of wealth. We go where financial planners and private wealth institutions don’t - translating the complicated world of commerce into uncomplicated investment outcomes. We work exclusively with a select number of clients around the world, by invitation only. 



Suzy Jacobs

For over 30 years Suzy has worked with top influential business and thought leaders to transform their experience of business, grow their wealth, build their audience and revolutionise results across all areas. 

Leading her own business since age 23, Suzy has supplied some of the top retailers in Australia including Harvey Norman and Freedom Furniture and won a number of prestigious design and customer service awards. 

As a pioneer in women-led business networks, she founded She Business and led thousands to business success. Building on this financial foundation, she co-launched Finesque with Sam Novak in 2017 to demystify financial language and create opportunities for financial independence and security. 

Over the past decade Suzy has graced the international business stage as a thought-provoking keynote speaker and inspiring emcee and more recently launched The Change Room podcast.


If you’re serious about unlocking the full potential of your investments – it’s time for Finesque


Are you ready for results?

Bringing together a wealth of experience and a world of expertise at Finesque, we’re intimately focused on delivering lasting results to the global investment portfolios of our high net worth clients.

We’re fearlessly committed to unlocking exclusive opportunities for our clients. Our sophisticated investor clients are game-changers in their own right, and together with us we help them realise their greatest goals in wealth.

We’re committed to helping our clients reduce the number of years till they can slow down or retire by significantly improving their investment returns. From mitigating risk through guaranteed income and capital protection, using global investment banks and fund managers to reducing PAYG and company tax exposure with the security of ATO approved product rulings, we remove the obstacles for our clients and reward them with new opportunities for success. 


It’s time. Finesque works with you to realise your greatest goals in wealth, while protecting what matters most to you. It’s time to discover the difference Finesque can make for your future, now.